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Here Preseed manifests its art for progressive startups, SMEs and large corporations.

The 4 pillars of any business endeavor that we like to get our hands dirty with:


Needs, User Experience, Value


Client's ability to deliver their products and services
efficiently with sustenance and scale


Influence internal as well external ecosystem through intangible contributions


Includes all types of communications;
i.e. Branding, Packaging, Design, Marketing etc


"So, there are two main 'startup ecosystem' entities I represent as of today, and they are called Preseed and Gencosys. Preseed is to lay the foundation of what will be sent to Gencosys for further growth. Preseed is about ideas, stories, philosophy, online hustle, office or no office and inspiration; stuff most Indian investors may not be interested in". - Nishchal from Nishchal's perspective:

While Preseed is a hippie styled innovations from home/dormitories kind of a company; with appetite for only it's own groundbreaking, often long gestation works in web tech to start with, Gencosys will be slightly more corporate consulting styled in its manners, with a team of experienced A level talent, perhaps eyeing regular short term financial growth through servicing clients and eyeing long term financial growth through big potential startup deals for the future like its deal With Preseed. "I am partnering in as a major stake holder, to have access to a traditional workforce - Experienced and skilled expensive people, as employees and not partners perhaps. is a further manifestation of the vision of my first company in 2009 called FloEco. FloEco failed. 4C won't. This time I have the experience and the people which I didn't when I was 23 in 2009. Now I am 30+ years old, and still on that journey". - Nishchal

Differnce between them:

Preseed is not about money first. It understands long term billions of dollars in world-changing value is not achieved by eyeing money alone, but eyeing real solutions to real problems of the people of the world, which sometimes can take a long long time, genius work, truthfulness and immense perseverance. Here we are working to build web tech enabled businesses that are simple, novel and extremely scalable in short periods of time. However, if you open the, you will see a hint of what kind of creations we can assume in Preseed in the next 10 years. The preseed team is constantly told that - Preseed will be boundless and there will be experiments of all sorts. There will be little to no money initially, but there will be inspiration that no amount of money can buy. All of which is true. We ourselves have pledged to contribute to Preseed because of the inspiration we feel through it. Gencosys will be quite different. It will pay its employees salaries, along with stock options, while in Preseed, there is no salary, only stock options, till Preseed has created millions of dollars in revenue, not through investment. Gencosys will service outside clients and have enough empathy for them. It will broker/service big deals for commissions, stocks and JV gains. It is being built to generate regular cash flow for us. However, the already existing inflow of startups to Preseed is the main revenue act we are going to establish at Gencosys for Preseed.

4Consult is a full services player in consulting startups and innovative ideas, providing solutions to develop or further develop MVPs and Business Model through -:

  • Ideation, Whiteboarding, Thought Experimentations, Need - Value - Gap Analysis etc.

  • MVP Design, Prototypes, full product development and iterative testing.

  • Post - MVP Offerings - Monetization, CVP, SVP, Business Model.

  • Business Model Optimizations and Pivots for better market fit.

  • Business Advisory and execution - including all legal and financial concerns of the business.

  • Above all, leadership and knowledge training.

We are not just business consultants - We are also hustlers. We get things done for you. just as we get them done for our own startups.

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