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We have a bunch of companies in our portfolio from nascent progressive founders in India. The people who are joining this team will be essentially assisting the future great companies being baked here, that today, though not already great, but have the intent, passion, clarity, vision & capabilities to be extra-ordinary.
The success of even one company within our portfolio- today or tomorrow, will be enough. But who ever said one was enough?

Current Openings

CEO, Director & Co-founder
I am willing to offer you 20% ownership and Rs. 3 Lakhs in monthly salary if you full fill the following criteria in 3 months. You must be a guru at building and growing progressive startups, having already worked in leadership positions along side some. It goes without saying a great knowledge and deep understanding of design, tech and marketing required for growing our portfolio startups & clients are obviously a must! You will be responsible for building the team of A level players at 4Consult at blazing speed.

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Advisors for 4Consult
Anybody with the required skills to advise our portfolio companies and clients.

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SLM Liaison officer
You should be an expert in creating presentations that the investors in incubators/accelerators expect. Your job would be to keep a track of incubation/acceleration dates of the world's best incubators/accelerators as well as map our startups with the right fit.

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      Target Audience
      Cover - What is it going to look like?
      Contract - Exclusive or non exclusive?
      Setup Costs  - are there any? 
      Book Price -  how and who determines this? Making sure its competitive 
      Distribution - who looks into it? How does it work; Are there exclusive rights here as well, amongst other things. 
      Royalties - Anywhere more than 15%
      Support - Does our publisher provide us any support?
      At what time do they come in? can we draw clear time lines and call to actions of sorts so we are clear with how we are moving to our goal.
      Timeline - Since most of our writing is ready, all should be done soon. Having said that, can we start with what we have? And once all is in, how long does it take. (3-6 months) 
      Returnable Books - IS this something the publishing house will only look into?
       Author Discount - This should be availed I assume, if we want copies to distribute. (no re-selling allowed, or can we, with our discounted prices?)
      Will we have to incur any costs at our end?
      We need a proper editor. 
      Have I missed any questions?
      Step 1
      Why do you want to write a book?
      How will you benefit from writing a book?
      Who are your “ideal readers” and what are their biggest problems?
      What are the titles of the leading books in your field?
      What are pros and cons of competing books?
      Step 2
      What is the change your readers are looking for?
      What are the steps involved in helping readers achieve positive change?
      What are the key ideas you want to communicate in your book title?
      How can you find the time to write your book?
      How can you regain momentum when you're “stuck?”
      Step 3
      How effective is your current author platform?
      How can you build a following and create demand for your book your book while writing it?
      Who are the authors & experts in your field you'd like to see quoted on the cover of your book?
      What are the leading blogs in your field where you can add comments and submit guest posts?
      What are some ways you could promote your book using online press releases?
      Step 4
      Profiting Questions
      What are some non-traditional sales channels for your book?
      What types of purchase incentives could you use to build advance orders & purchase-week sales?
      What are some of the ways you could bundle your book with other products or services?
      What are some of the e-book or special report topics you could address in monthly reports or yearly updates?
      What are some ways you could expand your book into a series of follow-up books?

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